What is YKZ Group?

Yorukaze Group is an organization based in Indonesia which manages:

  • Yorukaze Production | notably known as a VTuber Company
  • Yorukaze Studio | an uprising Creative Works Commission Studio

Core Members

Meet the brilliant minds behind the inception of Yorukaze Group

“Yorukaze no Tameni”

Yorukaze FoundersSince 2022
CEO, Founder

Aurelio Darren Savero | Xavvyro

Aurelio Darren Savero or usually known as “Xavvyro, Pak Xav, Pak Sapi” is an undergraduate student with an interest in technology and multimedia. He developed an interest in technology since high school, and have been actively researching since. Currently, he is an aspiring music producer and the CEO of Yorukaze Production. Many of his works can be seen through his online profile and Yorukaze as a whole by itself.

As the CEO of Yorukaze Production, Xavvyro has to supervise the daily operation of Yorukaze Production and plan ahead into the future of what’s to come. Besides that, he also provide music producing & mixing services to Yorukaze Team, and bringing along his technological and multimedia background to create this website.

COO, Founder


Kiyora is the Agency Director of Yorukaze Production and an IT Specialist in Business Information System. Taking upon this role, he exerts his strictness and professionality in management and planning for the Yorukaze Team particulary in the Agency Division, such as nurturing new aspiring talents.


Crazed is one of the founders of Yorukaze Production. With his flexible and creative mind, he manage to produce out of the box ideas that might be beneficial towards the development of Yorukaze Production.
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